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To clarify the details and get more accurate information on how to solve the problem of thumps, jerks, shudders when changing gears please contact us

From 2014"Maktrans" service station offers quality valve body repair on its own equipment with the replacement of Sonnax valves (enlarged and standard ones), in order to avoid loss of oil pressure and prolong the life of the automatic transmission valve body. Maktrans company performs repair of AT valve body with the 12 months warranty for trouble-free operation of the Aisin, ZF, Toyota, Jatco valve block...

When repairing the Aisin and ZF valve body, extra emphasis is placed on the recovery of the solenoid pressure and valve body plungers.

The Aisin pressure solenoid is repaired by mechanical cleaning from dirt or is replaced for a new one.

Valve body case is milled in the machine with a spindle speed of 3000 rpm with the supply of coolant under pressure. The surface quality in this case meets the requirements of the factory one.

Furthermore the valve body is installed on the stand, heated to 100C, and the graphs of its operation are constructed.

In Ukraine, we are the only ones who test solenoids and valve bodies at a temperature of 100C.

You save from 50% to 70% of the price of the new valve block when repairing the valve body.In this case, the owner of the car receives a written 12 months clear warranty.

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