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Valve Body Repair 6DCT450 (This item isn't a spare part, this is a service)

Valve Body Repair  6DCT450 (This item isn't a spare part, this is a service)
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Chrysler 200, Sebring

Ford C-Coupe, C-Max, Escape, Focus, Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo, S-Max

Volvo C30, C70, S40, S60,S80, V40, V50, V60, V70, XC60, XC90


Solenoid repair of Transmission Control Module , 6DCT450 AT

6DCT450 PowerShift AT was constructed by GETRAG Corporate Group, it belongs to the class of boxes with a double wet clutch. Transmitted forces of maximum torque of 450 Nm is distributed by dual-clutch system on six forward and one reverse gear. Automatic transmission is mounted on a front-wheel-drive vehicle and all-wheel-drive vehicle with a transverse engine layout. The mechanical part of the box is controlled by an electrohydraulic unit TCM (Transmission Control Module): 

The lubrication system 6DCT450 is based on one oil circuit, i.e. the oil used in the mechanical part of the box is also a working fluid for the TCM unit. This feature in most cases becomes the cause of failure of valve body solenoids. During the operation of the mechanical part of the box, frictions wear out, moving parts and the gear surfaces are damaged. The oil filter system of the box does not completely remove the wear products, leaving dust of fine fractions. Dust mixed with oil clogs the body of the solenoid, which leads to premature failure.

Valve body defective solenoids cause the following faults of the automatic transmission:
- low pressure in hydraulic control system of automatic transmission
- no gears available, or soft shifting
- bumps during shifting

To determine the operability of the solenoid, a special diagnostic stand is used.

Unstable work, the presence of flat areas solenoid jams, at this point a bump can occur in running automatic transmission or no shifting.

The graph of faulty solenoid (photo from the stand).

Solution of the problem.
Faulty solenoids are to be replaced or regenerated. The method of solenoid recovery was developed by the specialists of Maktrans companyon the basis of many years of experience in valve bodyservicing . Ultrasonic cleaning is used to clean the solenoid from dust-oil contamination. The Skymen JTS floor washing machine is equipped with a 360 liter stainless steel bath. The ultrasonic generator with power adjustment provides the process of thorough cleaning of solenoids from oil and other small particles (shavings, soot, dust). The sink is able to work in a continuous mode and is equipped with a fluid circulation system with an oil filter. The Everest Elektromekanik ESP washer can also be used for high-quality washing and degreasing of solenoids.

In the process of ultrasonic cleaning solenoids of cooling system and the main pressure are fully restored, clutch solenoids in half of the cases must be replaced with new ones. After the ultrasonic cleaning the solenoid is being tested for compliance with operating parameters.

At the end of testing, the restored solenoid is installed in the hydroblock. Further, the operation of the automatic transmission is tested on the run.

Solenoids, restored by the technique of the Maktrans company specialists, correspond to the performance of solenoids for automatic transmissions 6DCT450. The service life of the solenoid after recovery corresponds to the life of the new solenoid, at a relatively lower cost.

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