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SKODA types of AT


Škoda Auto, more commonly known as Škoda, is a Czech automobile manufacturer founded in 1895 as Laurin & Klement. It is headquartered in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. The car manufacturer was acquired by Škoda Works in 1925 and later became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group in 2000. Initially, the company was meant to serve the role of the VW Group’s entry brand. Over time, however, the Škoda brand has shifted progressively more upmarket, with most models overlapping with their Volkswagen counterparts on price and features, while eclipsing them on space

Model Year Transmission type Engine Transmission
FABIA 2000-08 4 SP FWD L4 1.4L JF404E
FABIA 2008-12 6 SP FWD L4 1.4L 1.6L TF-61SN
FABIA 2010-12 7 SP FWD L4 1.2L 1.4L DQ200
LAURA 2005-11 6 SP FWD L4 1.9L 2.0L DQ250 (02E)
MODEL A 2011 7 SP FWD L4 1.4L 1.6L DQ200
OCTAVIA 2000-10 4 SP FWD/AWD L4 1.6L 1.8L 1.9L 2.0L AG4
OCTAVIA 2004-12 6 SP FWD/AWD L4 1.9L 2.0L DQ250 (02E)
OCTAVIA 2004-12 6 SP FWD L4 1.4L 1.6L 1.8L 2.0L TF-61SN
OCTAVIA 2009-12 7 SP FWD L4 1.4L 1.6L 1.8L 2.0L DQ200
ROOMSTER 2006-12 6 SP FWD L4 1.6L TF-61SN
ROOMSTER 2010-11 7 SP FWD L4 1.2L DQ200
SUPERB 2001-08 5 SP FWD/AWD L4 1.9L V6 2.5L 2.8L ZF5HP19FLA
SUPERB 2005-08 5 SP FWD/AWD L4 1.8L V6 2.8L ZF5HP19FL
SUPERB 2008-12 7 SP FWD L4 1.8L DQ200
SUPERB 2008-12 6 SP FWD/AWD L4 1.8L 2.0L V6 3.2L 3.6L DQ250 (02E)
SUPERB 2009-12 6 SP FWD/AWD L4 2.0L V6 3.2L TF-60SN
SUPERB 2009-12 6 SP FWD L4 1.8L TF-61SN
YETI 2009-12 7 SPD FWD L4 1.2L DQ200
YETI 2009-12 6 SP FWD L4 2.0L DQ250(O2E)

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