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Valvebody repair ZF 4HP16 4HP20 (Mercedes Vito Chevrolet Lacetti Peugeot 607)

Valvebody repair ZF 4HP16  4HP20 (Mercedes Vito Chevrolet Lacetti Peugeot 607)
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ZF 4HP16 and ZF 4HP20 - popular in our market 4-speed automatic transmissions produced by ZF, designed to be installed on front-wheel-drive cars with an engine capacity of up to 3 liters. Since 1996, the ZF 4HP20 began to be installed on the PSA car group (Peugeot, Renault, Citroen) and even the Mercedes Vito.In 2000, the ZF 4HP16 appeared - a copy of its predecessor, but with some design changes and designed to work with subcompact engines - it can be found on Suzuki, Chevrolet, Daewoo.

All 4-speed automatic transmission ZF - extremely reliable and unpretentious box, but given the age of cars and runs - repair is inevitable, and major. In this article, we will tell how the McTrans masters restore the 4HP20 hydraulic units using their own developments, namely enlarged valves, which allow you to restore the factory clearances in hydraulics.

The valvebody is the "brains" and the control center of any automatic gearbox, which is responsible for smooth and imperceptible gear shifting. Structurally, it is an electro-hydraulic actuator, consisting of a housing inside which there are plungers and in which solenoids are installed solenoids. The solenoids, receiving control commands, open or close the necessary hydraulic channels, and the plungers inside - redistribute the oil flows into the necessary clutch packs.

Thus, the failure of the valvebody can be both of an electrical nature (breakage of wiring, faulty solenoids) and mechanical - due to dirty oil, the surfaces of the plungers and channels in which they work begin to wear out, wear and tightness of the "channel + plunger" pair is lost, which leads to pressure leaks.

We will describe how such problems are diagnosed and resolved. Immediately about the pricing of repairs, the final price is the sum of the work performed and consumables used, so timely repair will always be cheaper.

Repair may be as follows:

Work price
Diagnostics (disassembly, washing, vacuum testing, visual inspection and check plungers for jamming) 100$
Solenoid testing on the stand - 5$ за штуку. 4HP has 6 solenoids. 30$
2 solenoids replacing 60$
Hydraulic plate channels reaming and installation of oversized valves. Reaming of one hole - - 20$, plunger - 10$. Mounting of three plungers. 90$
Assembly (valvebody gaskets - for free) and final check free of charge

Total cost - 280$

So let`s start regeneration. We are taking  used valvebody  we have in stock and regenerate. Remove the solenoids and disassemble. Despite the fact that the 4-gear valvebodies are not as complex structurally as their modern 6-8-gear boxes - we remember every step, or take pictures.

The fact is that valvebodies often get into repair after the masters who just assembled them incorrectly. One error in the assembly - and you will not have a reverse gear, for example. Therefore, we remember the location of the smallest details.

This is a 4HP20 valvebody, but since they are completely identical structurally - the article will be relevant for 4HP16




We can see that


Turning off the end caps should be remembered that the plungers are spring-loaded, and they can fly out


We completely disassemble and extract all plungers

In the photo below - the cause of valvebody death. On the plunger you can see a thick oil with metal particles. If you add overheating and extremely hot oil - we get the perfect abrasive material that erases both the surface of the plunger and the inner surface of the channels. If you do not want this to be in your gearbox - change the oil and filter regularly, this can seriously delay the overhaul.


To facilitate and speed up the assembly process, decompose the plungers in the correct order.

In general, already at the disassembly stage, an experienced master begins to diagnose the hydraulic part - there are cases when the plungers cannot be removed, they are either jammed if the chips get into the clearance, or the burned oil in the box turns into a thick substance and loses absolutely all lubricating properties. Since we have a ZF box - we immediately look at the main pressure plunger, it works constantly and is regularly subjected to a serious load. The rare ZF valvebody does not have problems with it, and it is quite difficult to diagnose it - vacuum testing may not show leaks, but it will not work, it can be jammed. The photo below shows the wearout of the main pressure channel:

                                                                               Wearout in the Main Pressure channel


The next step is to test for the presence of pressure leaks using a vacuum tester. But for this it is necessary that the hydraulic plate was clean, we carry it to the washing machine.

After washing, we blow the plates (if there is liquid inside the channel - the vacuum results may be distorted) and start the vacuum test. The test showed the need to replace 3 plungers:

“Maktrans” is the only company that produces and sells oversized plungers of the ZF 4HP16 / 4HP20 valvebody, below you can see the full list :

Valve name Photo
Oversized Main Pressure Regulator Valve ZF 4HP16
Oversized Converter Pressure Valve ZF 4HP16
Oversized Clutch B Valve ZF 4HP16
Oversized Lubrication Control Valve ZF 4HP16
Oversized TCC Valve ZF 4HP16
Oversized Selector Valve ZF 4HP16
Oversized valve Brake F / Converter Shift / Selector Valve / Holding Valve / Modulator ZF 4HP16



Reaming of  the hole to the size of the oversized valve. With the help of the pilot and the guide sleeve expose the plate, fix and cut. The use of coolant (coolant) - is necessary if cut without lubrication - you can spoil the reamer and hydraulic plate.


We also shot a video showing how to ream the plate using the Maktrans production reamer.

Prepare an oversized valve. The procedure is optional, but before installing the valve should be further polished. You can do it using felt wheel, you can just fix it in the chuck and use any polishing abrasive (GOI paste)


We get this result



The result of the vacuumization corresponds to the factory tolerances, the tightness is restored. We repeat the operation for the TCC plunger and modulator. You can go to the solenoids. 4HP16 solenoids are not repaired, so we change them for new ones or used in good condition. There is another option with flushing, but this option can not give a 100% guarantee of success. First check on the stand:


The first 2 graphs are the test results of working solenoids, the second pair is our solenoids which should be replaced.


You can start assembling the valvebody


Assembling of plates, almost the final - it remains to install the solenoids


Installing and fixing of solenoids


That's all, the valvebody is assembled and ready for installation on the car.

This is how the repair of the valvebody at Maktrans company looks like. The repair, considered in the article, is only $ 280 and the working capacity of the valvebody has been restored to perfect condition, a 1-year warranty is given without mileage limitation. Moreover, if you repair yourself, but for some reason you don’t want to purchase our tools and plungers, you can simply send us a

plate indicating which valves need to be installed and we will do it quickly and efficiently.

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