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Valve body case repair Matiz, Spark, Picanto. JF402E JF405E.

Valve body case repair Matiz, Spark, Picanto. JF402E JF405E.
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Product Code: HydroJF402Repair

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Types of repair

*Pressure accumulator repair JF402E JF405E  

Daewoo Matiz, KIA Picanto

* Price shown is for processing of one hole 

Automatic transmissions JF402E JF405E are eveloped by engineers of the Jatco company for small cars with engine capacity up to 1.1 liters. Most often, these four-gear AT are found on Daewoo Matiz, Chevrolet Spark and KIA Picanto cars. The valve body is responsible for controlling the mechanical part of the automatic transmission, which includes electromechanical valves (solenoids) and mechanical pressure accumulators. The solenoids create the working pressure of the hydraulic fluid, while the batteries stabilize the pressure in the lines.

Structurally, the battery consists of a valve body channel (serves as a cartridge case) and a spring-loaded piston. The piston responds to a change in the oil pressure and moves inside the liner, while the spring acts as a damper to prevent a sudden change in pressure. The failure of the pressure accumulator is most often associated with the destruction of the surface of the valve channel as a result of the contaminated hydraulic fluid, the transmission oil. Oil pollution is mainly due to the destruction of clutches, with the fragments and material surfaces of the parts getting into the oil and causing abrasive wear of the valve body units. One of these nodes is a pressure accumulator.

If the accumulator is malfunctioning, there are problems with the working oil pressure level in the valve body, as a result, the control process of the mechanical part of the automatic transmission is broken. As a consequence, there are thumps while  shifting gears, clutch slippage, unclear switching between gears, no TC Lock up.

In most cases, to return to normal AT  operation, it is  recommended to replace the valvebody with a new one or second-hand - in the first case it is quite expensive, in the second it is a lottery with a small chance of success. The specialists of the Maktrans company  offer their solution to the problem - repair of the pressure accumulator. On the one hand, it is economically profitable, on the other hand, the repaired valve body receives a guarantee for a period of 1 year. More information about the repair. First of all, the valve body is disassembled and thoroughly washed in industrial washing machines using special reagents to ensure complete removal of traces of hydraulic fluid.

.After cleaning, accumulator channels are bored  in the valve body . The boring is carried out according to the dimensions of the repair bushing.

Further, the bushing itself is made. The internal diameter of the sleeve corresponds to the initial diameter of the channel of the valvebody sleeve before abrasive failure. Outer diameter corresponds to the pre-bored channel of the battery. The bushing is made of a material that repeats the mechanical properties of the valve body housing, which guarantees durability and quality of surface repair.

The accumulator piston is installed inside the bushing, then the valve body is assembled.

The repaired valve body is installed in the automatic transmission, after which the car passes an obligatory testdrive. The operation of the automatic transmission is checked in all modes, the pressure level is controlled during all tests and checked against the technological transmission card. After undergoing running trials, the automatic transmission is guaranteed for 1 year.

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