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Plungers manufacturing

Maktrans company specialists have developed their own technology for the manufacture of plungers for replacement of damaged original parts. The plunger is produced on a machine with a digital control, which allows you to accurately repeat the dimensions of the original. Deviation from the original size is not more than 0.005 mm.

The next step is to put the working layer, using the anodizing method - the plunger as an anode is placed in the electrolyte solution, resulting in an appearance of oxide layer with the required mechanical characteristics on the plunger surface. General manufacture time is 14 days.

Valve body repair with the use of Maktrans produced plungers allows to significantly reduce the final cost and provide further warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the valve body. Delivery of orders in Ukraine and CIS countries - at the expense of the company.

To place an order, please contact:
Rabizo Dmitry - Head of Maktrans


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