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CVT pulley replacing RE0F10A, RE0F06A, JF011E

JF011E Dodge Caliber, Nissan X-trail, Nissan Qashqai, Nissan Teana, Nissan Tiida, Mitsubishi Lancer, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mitsubishi Galant, Mitsubishi GalantASX, Peugeot 4007, Renault Scenic, Renault Megane, Renault Fluence, Renault Koleos.
JF015E Nissan Juke, Nissan Micra, Suzuki Swift

JF011E / JF015E - CVT developed by Jatco company, one of the leaders in the field of CVTs. This model is popular among automakers, it is installed on cars with front and all-wheel drive and engine capacity up to 2.5 liters. The mechanical part of the gearbox is built on the basis of two cones (pulleys). When the primary and secondary pulleys interact, torque is transmitted from the engine to the wheels of the car.

Depending on the service life of the pulleys are subject to wear more or less. Defect detection is carried out by visual inspection of the pulley parts during disassembly.

In this case, the following types of mechanical defects are possible - cracks in the pulley parts and slipping out of the bearing balls from the guide grooves. The crack is most often the result of fatigue wear of metal, so the possible cause may be a short-term force exerted beyond the design calculation. Below are examples of a crack in one of the pulley hubs.

Further development of the crack leads to complete destruction of the pulley and CVT jamming.
The problem with the scattering of balls is manifested as an independent fault associated with the destruction of the guide channels, in consequence of which the stop ring can not hold the balls in the channel. This is how the destroyed guides and the balls that have come out after the destruction look like:

After leaving the guides, during the CVT , the centrifugal force spreads the balls inside the pulley space. As a result of bumps separate parts fail, although outwardly the pulley can look without damage.

As a result of the destruction of the pulley parts,broken particles get into the CVT oil and scratch the walls of the oil pump valve, which leads to its jamming.

If one of the described mechanical defects occurs, both pulleys in the set (both primary and secondary) must be replaced. The replacement of one pulley or its parts does not eliminate the consequences of the previous malfunction and can cause the CVT to fail again.


The JF011E (CVT) or RE0F10A (CVT) is installed on Peugeot 4007, Peugeot 4008, Peugeot, Renault Megane, Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot, Dodge Caliber , Mitsubishi Lancer , Mitsubishi Outlander XL 2.4L , Nissan X-Trail F1CJA (Nissan Eccles), Nissan Qashqai F1CJA .

Oil is replaced in the RE0F10A / JF011E CVT every 60 000 km together with the internal and external filters (located under the heat exchanger). After removing the cooler, it is necessary to replace the rubber ring.

Problems with the operation of the RE0F10A / JF011E CVT wit speed up to 100,000 km are overheating when driving outside the city. Overheating of the oil is accompanied by a whistling sound and tight shifts. Fighting with this through the replacement of oil and filters is useless. It is better to replace the heat exchanger and the external oil filter immediately. There are two types of heat exchangers RE0F10A / JF011E used. The first type is without tubes for air cooling. It is this exchanger does not sufficiently cool the oil in the CVT. The second type of cooler is with the possibility of air cooling of oil. When using this heat exchanger, an optional air cooler K1403 or K1404 is installed. Now you can go in the heat at any speed.

The next problem with the RE0F10A / JF011E CVT is the pockets inside the ball bearings of the input and output pulleys. Replacement of all ball bearings is a reliable way to get rid of noise for a long time.
Towing the RE0F10A / JF011E and F1CJA CVT with the engine switched off is strictly prohibited. The consequences of towing even at 5 km are expressed in the wear of the aluminum thrust of the input pulley. Replacement of pulley thrust is a simple repair, but REMEMBER the tow truck hire is much more cheaper .

Stepper motor (step motor) RE0F10A / JF011E is a device that switches the CVT up and down. Failure of the stepper motor leads to the fact that there is only one gear - forward and backward. In this case, there is an error of breaking the chain of the stepper motor.

The most expensive repair of CVT happens when the pressure in the system drops. The reason for this is the chips and coating of the pressure relief valve in the CVT pump.The oil pump RE0F10A / JF011E is the most vulnerable part of the CVT. The cover of the pressure relief valve is torn off, the valve is jammed is in a hot state. Further, because of low pressure, the belt RE0F10A / JF011E is erased. The shavings from the belt and the pulleys get into the valve body, and the car with the buzzing sound stops with the pressure errors in the pulleys. In this case, the oil pump, CVT belt and valve body are replaced. If the pulleys are erased, the set of pulleys is also replaced.

RE0F10A / JF011E / F1CJA CVT repair price in the worst case:


Pulley kit and CVT belt 1 $900
Oil pump 1 $160
Valve body 1 $460
Transmission oil 9 $108
External filter 1 $8.99
Internal filter 1 $9.35
Torque converter reapair 1 $59-80
Gasket kit 1 $280


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