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Valve body pressure solenoid repair U150, U250 forToyota Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Avalon, RAV4

Valve body pressure solenoid repair U150, U250 forToyota Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Avalon, RAV4
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Valve body pressure solenoid repair U150. Toyota / Lexus.

Pressure solenoids SL1, SL2, SL3 are Shift solenoids responsible for gear changes. The combination of the positions of the solenoids corresponds to the transition to the given gear.

For example, the "ON" position for SL1 and SL2 in conjunction with the "OFF" position for SL3 corresponds to the switching of the first gear. In the normal mode of operation of the solenoids, the gear changes are carried out in accordance with the scheme, and in the order specified by the automatic transmission electronic control unit.

Malfunctioning, at least one of the listed solenoids, leads to a disruption in the gearshift of the automatic transmission. The main signs of the malfunction are:
- thump or slip when switching from 1 to 2 gears
- thump or slip when shifting to overdrive
- thump during braking
- gears are switched on but there is a slipping at the beginning of the movement
- double swtching of the gear

To solve the problem, replace or repair the failed solenoid.

Determining the efficiency of the solenoid is carried out on a special diagnostic equipment. After determining the defective solenoid is usually replaced for a new one. The average market cost of a new solenoid is about 90 - 100 $.

Maktrans company offers a more advantageous solution to the problem. The specialists of the company studied the reason for the failure of the solenoids and developed the repair technology based on the data obtained.

First of all, the failed solenoid is disassembled for a detailed inspection of the state of the surfaces of the interacting parts.

Structurally, the solenoid consists of a mechanical valve with a plunger and an electromagnetic coil with a core.

In this case, inspection of the body and parts of the electromagnetic coil did not reveal any damage to the surfaces and other defects that disturb the solenoid normal work.

When inspecting the valve body and the surface of the plunger, the surface of the plunger was found to be damaged, which caused a malfunction of the solenoid.

On the surface of the plunger there were scratches, the result of the abrasive action of the dirty transmission oil.

It is because of such scratches that the smooth running of the plunger is broken, the solenoid can not perform the transition to the set position and the gear shift fails.

Solenoid repair is carried out by replacing the failed plunger with a new one - produced by the Maktrans company. Plungers are manufactured on machines with digital control, followed by protective coating.

Unlike the original plungers that do not have protection, the solenoid plungers produced in Maktrans company have a protective layer that multiplies the life of the restored solenoid. After replacing the plunger, the solenoid is calibrated and retested on the measuring stands. The operating parameters of the restored solenoid completely correspond to the original, the repair price is twice more profitable than the purchase of a new solenoid and is equivalent to $ 40.

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