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Valve body repair K110, K111, K114, K310, K311, K410 (CVT)

Valve body repair K110, K111, K114, K310, K311, K410 (CVT)
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Gearboxes produced by the Japanese company Aisin are widely known among the world's automakers. The CVT variators (Continuously Variable Transmission) were not an exception. A number of advantages of this type of transmission - smooth running, no gearshift, economy and constant maximum torque, has a downside - the technical complexity of the design and increased requirements for routine maintenance. The main loaded element of the CVT is a metal belt transmitting the torque from the torque converter to the mechanical part of the automatic transmission. The belt is tensioned between pulleys with variable diameter. Automatic transmission control part (valve body) with the help of oil pressure precisely adjusts the diameters of the pulleys depending on the torque and speed. As a result, smooth acceleration and braking of the car is ensured. Disturbances in the operation of the valve body may lead to premature wear of the drive belt and even its complete destruction:

Experts of the Maktrans company have studied the cause of this type of malfunction. In most cases, this is the wearout of the control valve channels in the valve body housing, and as a consequence the violation of the valve body fluid pressure regimes. As a result, the control of the automatic transmission is difficult, it also concerns the adjustment of the diameter of the drive pulleys - as a consequence of the destruction of the drive belt.

To solve the problem, first of all it is necessary to remove the valve body and carefully check the condition of the valve channels and the operability of the control solenoids.

When detecting defective channels with the availability of working diameter wear, the specialists of the Maktrans company use their own method of valve body repair. Damaged valve channels are reamed and reinforced with specially made bushings. Manufacture of bushings is carried out on cnc  from materials similar to the valve body material (aluminum alloys / duralites).

After the bushings are installed in the control valve channels, the required compression of the hydraulic fluid is restored.

To further check the repair quality, the valve body is assembled and installed in the automatic transmission housing, after which the car passes a test drive.

The accuracy of the parts produced allows us to restore the valve body to a new state, and the quality of the material guarantees the reliable operation of the entire automatic transmission control system.


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