Clutch DSG7 0B5 (DL501) repair

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Gearbox DSG7 0B5 (DL501) is a representative of preselective robotic transmissions with double wet clutch, developed especially for Audi cars (in cooperation with Borg-Warner).
0B5 is installed on cars with front or all-wheel drive, has been manufactured since 2008 and is designed for cars with a longitudinal engine.

The main difference between the DSG box and the mechanics is the presence of two clutches. In fact, two manual transmissions are integrated into the body of the robot. The preselective works at the moment the first gear is turned on, if it is necessary to switch to the next gear, the box keeps it ready for inclusion, the first shaft opens, the torque of the second clutch is picked up. The main feature of the robot is smooth gear shifting without loss of power.

However, being a "preselective", the box has its own design features. The main difference is in the two circuits of the input shaft, as well as in the two clutch blocks responsible for even and odd gears. In the presence of dignity, namely the reliability of the mechanical part, which does not require repair of 200-250 thousand km of run, problems can still arise. Basically, the mechatronics (hydraulic control unit) and the double wet clutch are the first to fail.

                                                                                                                            For the driver, traction problems are expressed in the following symptoms

Symptoms Reasons
Late engagement of first gear at full stop износ тефлоновых колец пакета K1 pack teflon ring wearout
Reverse gear sleep(R)  K2 pack wearout, the reason is the cooling solenoid or teflon rings
Double switching R  (or with a long pause) Teflon rings wearout
Shaking / vibration in first or second gear at low throttle uphill Steel plates are burnished too much
Thump when braking from 3 to 2 gear teflon rings
Switching of forks  is heard when braking teflon rings
When moving the handle from D to N, the car tries to drive teflon rings


Now we will show how the repair of the 0B5 clutch in Maktrans takes place. We will replace rubberized pistons, steel and friction discs, replace Teflon rings, balance..

The cost of balancing the clutch is - 2000hrn.
Rgeneration (grinding) of a steel plate - 2$ per 1 pc.


Spare parts:


Dismounting the clutch


We take out the oil seal, remove the retaining ring (between the clutch drum and the front aluminum cover)


Remove the retaining ring from the top cover of the clutch drum, remove the K1 hub, remove the K2 hub, remove the retaining ring from the K2 pack


We remove the K2 package, assess the condition of the steel and friction plate (we see that they need to be changed, the friction plates burned out and the steel pates were polished during operation.


We take out the spring of the piston K2 and remove the spring


We take out the piston and remove the Teflon rings (they wear out under the influence of high temperatures and time


We proceed to dismantle the pump gear hub (with a special tool)

Removed, we assess the condition of the grooves where the Teflon rings work - there should be no gaps (the metal has deformed between the groove and the Teflon rings due to dirt)


Remove the housing of piston K1 and piston K2


Remove the spring K1, remove the piston K1 from its body


The clutch is disassembled.

                                                                                                                             The clutch assembly will be shown further in the photo.
                                            We will replace burnt-out packs of friction plates K1 and K2, as well as steel plates of packs K1 and K2, replace teflon rings with new ones.


Install the piston K1, put on the piston cover.


The hub must be pressed in, initially centering it with a special device, having previously installed it in the hole.

Assembling the clutch for balancing. We mount the clutch into the drum, piston K2, spring, rgenerated steel plates, after having measured the gap, install a protective circlip.


After balancing, install the pack of steel and friction plates K2, hub K2, retaining ring, hub K1, pack of friction and steel plates K1, measure the gap, install new teflon rings


We put on the cover on the upper clutch drum, put the retaining ring, fix the aluminum cover, install the retaining ring and the oil seal between them, mount the clutch in the automatic transmission.


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