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Gearbox body repair
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Automatic transmission case repair
Model: RepairBody
Stock: 18610
All kinds of bearings installed in automatic transmission case after 100 000 km destroy the oval slo..
Automatic transmission rear cover repair
Model: RepairCover
Stock: 19398
Toyota cover repair consists in modernization of Teflon rings neck material. Maktrans company remove..
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Oil pump repair,automatic transmission ZF 5HP19  ZF 5HP19A
Model: RepairPump
Stock: 19902
5HP19FLA VW,Skoda and BMW automatic transmission oil pump repair means replacement of original sleev..
DSI M11 AT case repair. Support bearing fit.
Model: RepairDSIM11Bearing
Stock: 19931
SsangYong New Action, Korando C During the operation of the automatic transmission mechanical pa..
Bell housing repair,automatic transmission 722.6 722.9
Model: 72269REB
Stock: 2919
722.6 or 722.9 automatic transmission bell housing or torque converter casing suffers in the process..
Housing repair,automatic transmission 4F27E  FN4AEL  FNR5  FS5AEL  99-up
Stock: 19928
3-4 harsh, P0741 out of range codes, unclear shifting to 2nd gear- these are symptoms of  burnt..
Automatic transmission case hole repair
Model: RepairHole
Stock: 2448
Automatic transmission case hole repair ..
Housing and brake band rod repair, automatic transmission DSI M11
Model: RepairDSIM11Body
Stock: 1965
Over time and use one side of a brake band rod  of DSI M11 automatic transmission wears out mor..
Oil pump housing repair,automatic transmission GM
Model: remontnasosa-GM
Stock: 1970
 BMW , Chevrolet, Cadillac Oil pump housing repair. Automatic transmission 5L40, 6L45, 6L80,..
Case repair (bearing replacing) A/T FW6AEL FW6AXEL GW6AEL GW6AXEL
Stock: 1000
The cost consists of 2 components, repair cost (200 dollars) + the price of the bearing (~ 96 $) ..
 F4A42 A/T housing repair. Pressure accumulator repair Mitsubishi / KIA / Hyundai.
Model: remF4A42acc
Stock: 19997
F4A42 - automatic four-speed transmission developed by Mitsubishi for front-wheel drive vehicles wit..
 S-Tronic (0B5) case repair
Model: CoverRepair0B5
Stock: 1998
Audi Q5, A5, A6, A7 ..
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