Repair of DSG-7 0AM DQ200

DSG 7 0AM or DQ200 - are different names for robotised gearboxes with two dry clutches that are mounted on some Volkswagen vehicles. It is necessary to replace the gear oil of DSG7 in the amount of 1.7 liters. At the same time, there are no check plugs, oil filling in DSG 7 is strictly dosed.

0AM problems are most often associated with two units a clutch and mechatronics. Together with significant wear of the dual clutch, the mechatronic pump operates without stopping to ensure the maximum output of the clutch release rod. This leads to overheating of the mechatronics electronic unit and fusing of the insulation of the pump contacts.

The solution of this problem is replacing the electronic board with subsequent programming. The specialists of «Maktrans» can program the software in the empty electronic block both on the car and without it. It is very important to understand that a short circuit inside the electronic control unit (ECU) does not happen by accident, there are grounds for this. The next reason after the worn-out clutch is the hydraulic leak inside the DSG 7 mechatronics. The understanding of the problem, and the fact that you are a victim of German technical progress comes in the form of a flashing signal on the instrument panel, and an eternally wet mechatronic breather. The electric motor of the pump does not stop after switching on the ignition, it buzzes constantly. If you do nothing, the car will soon stop. There are two ways to solve the problem - replacing mechatronics or replacing the casing with a crack for a new one with a 1 year warranty (weld seam on the crack is also cracking). And the most terrible thing that can occur while driving is the pressure sensor failure. In this case, the pressure in the system rises until the hydraulic accumulator fires forward. After that, the car stops and you have to wait for the tow truck.

There four ways of DSG 7, DQ200, 0AM repair:

Name of service Price (including spare parts)
Replacement of worn clutch 510$
Replacement of mechatronics 900$
Replacement of the DSG mechatronics electronic board 550$
Repair of mechatronics with code errors of pressure or pump 450$


Repair Is performed within 1 day with 1 year warranty

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