Additional filtration kit AW TF-80SN (VOLVO XC70, XC90)

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Additional filtration kit AW TF-80SN (VOLVO XC70, XC90)

  1. How to connect filtration or cooling? You dismantle the thermostat or tubes and install them in the fitting holes, pressing them with a plate against the body.


An external filter is installed after a major overhaul, a complete oil change or detection of chips in the system; it prevents wear products washed with new oil from entering the valve body and solenoids.

Description of the additional filter adapter:

  • Additional filter adapter 11.8 mm
  • Connection cross-section 8.0 mm
  • Adapter thread for filter M20x1.5
  • Adapter material - Steel, galvanized coating

Description of fittings AW TF-80SN:

  • For which hose - HOSE10
  • Which clamp to take - D 16-18 mm
  • Fitting cross-section 8.0 mm
  • Interaxial distance of fittings 14.8 mm
  • Adapter material - Steel, galvanized coating

The kit includes:

Adapter for additional automatic transmission filter D79 1 piece

Automatic transmission main filter 1 piece

Fittings AW TF-80SN 1 piece

Quick Release Fitting | L-shaped 2pcs

Spring clamp D 16-18 mm 4 pcs

Hydraulic hose D10 2 meters


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