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ZF 6HP19 6HP26 valve body repair (This item isn't a spare part, this is a service)

ZF 6HP19 6HP26 valve body repair (This item isn't a spare part, this is a service)
Price: $99.00

996 pcs (Shipping from Poland in 1 day)

Total in stock: 1991 pcs (if you order more than 996 pcs - shipping time will be longer at 3-5 days)


Product Code: 6HPVBREBUILD

Weight: 10.00 kgs

ZF 6HP - a series of 6-speed automatic transmissions manufactured by ZF. For the first time it began to be installed in 2000 on luxury models Audi and BMW with engines up to 6 liters. Like all first-generation 6-speed gearboxes, the ZF 6HP has several vulnerabilities, one of them is a valve body, it is also a mechatronic. The first-generation valve bodies possessed an extremely modest working resource and "died" already at 100-150 tkm. run. After, the 2nd generation of valve bodies appeared in which some design flaws were corrected, but they did not become really reliable.

Aggressive driving style and an insufficiently frequent oil change lead to the appearance of symptoms such as blows and slippage when switching, in advanced cases - lead to damage to the mechanical part of the transmission and the car completely refuses to drive.

Based on many years of experience in automatic transmission repair, Maktrans engineers learned how to restore the ZF 6HP mechatronics and give them a second life, now we will tell you how this happens and how much it costs.

Let's start with repair pricing. It is modular, that is, we do not have a fixed repair cost, the cost is calculated based on the number of work performed and consumables used to repair.

                                                                                                   This is how repair cost calculation looks like


Works Price
Diagnostics (disassembly, washing, vacuum testing, visual inspection and check plungers for jamming) 100$
Solenoid testing on the stand +solenoid kit replacement 267$
Hydraulic plate channels reaming and installation of oversized valves. Reaming of one hole - 20$, plunger - 10-20$. 40$
Assembly (necessary seals are changed free of charge) and final inspection    Free of charge
Total: 407$


Start of repair - disassemble and checking

We have the ZF 6HP19 valve body, demounted from the BMW Z4 Roadster Coupe 2.5L, the symptoms are the following:

  •      Strong thumps at engine start
  •      Problems with torque converter lock-up (premature on and off)


Disassembling. We remove the electronic board with the selector position sensor, remove the solenoids and disassemle the valve body itself.


Removing valve body upper plate


This is a separator plate, it works as a gasket sealing for a hydraulic plate - it is replaced if the rubber tracks are destroyed and cease to fulfill their functions. In this case, it is in normal state, but metal dust is clearly visible in the oil


This is the inside of the valve body

In the photo below - the hydraulic accumulators of the valve body, no doubt, should be replaced with each repair. On the left - the accumulator with maximum wear, in the center - removed from the repaired valve body, on the right - a new one



Checking Solenoids

We took the parts of the valve body to the sink and in the meantime, we proceed to check the solenoids. The solenoids in the ZF 6HP are practically a consumable if the mileage exceeds 150 thousand km. - Get ready to replace the entire kit. They are not maintainable and wear out almost uniformly, so replacing them all at once is the most reliable repair option. Solenoid kits are on sale:

    Solenoid kit ZF 6HP19X ZF 6HP19A ZF 6HP21X ZF 6HP26 ZF 6HP26A mechanical 04-up 1068298044
    Solenoid kit ZF 6HP19X ZF 6HP19A ZF 6HP21X ZF 6HP26 ZF 6HP26A ZF 6HP28 mechanical switching 04-up 1068298046
    Solenoid kit ZF 6HP19X ZF 6HP19A ZF 6HP21X ZF 6HP26 ZF 6HP26A 04-up 1068298045
    Solenoid kit ZF 6HP19X ZF 6HP19A ZF 6HP21X ZF 6HP26 ZF 6HP26A electronic switching 04-up 1068298043

We install the solenoids in the stand and look at the graphs, the verdict is clear - the solenoids have critical wear



The stand for checking solenoids is a reliable and convenient solution for diagnostics, but its high price makes it inaccessible to many automatic transmission repair specialists. "Maktrans" offers an affordable alternative that allows you to check the solenoids for leaks and with a high probability to determine their performance. It is a special adapter that connects to a vacuum tester, a solenoid is inserted into it and the repair specialist looks at the tightness indicators.

More information can be read HERE.


  •     Valve tightness tester of valve body plates by vacuum method
  •     The valve body tightness tester by vacuum method (compressor not included)
  •     Vacuum pump (single stage / 150 microns / 51 l / min)
  •     Leak Test Tool for Solenoids ZF 6HP19 6HP21 6HP26 6HP28 6HP32 6HP34 6R60 6R75 6R80

We offer different options for vacuum testers, any repair specialist can choose a solution that will be profitable and convenient for him to use. In the photo below - the process of checking the 6HP solenoid using the Maktrans production tool

On the left is there is a bad result, on the right a good result.


In the photo below - the cause of the failure of the solenoid. The plunger inside the solenoid breaks the hole in which it works.


Vacuum testing, plunger check for jamming and visual inspection of hydraulic plates

With the solenoids finished, the check showed the need to change the entire kit. We proceed to repair the hydraulic part of mechatronics. Our task is to check with your hands each plunger for jamming and vacuumize.



A problem is in the E-Shift valve. Incorrect operation of this valve explains the problem of thump when starting the engine. We extract it.


In this case, the valve itself looks to be in working state  (the wearout is in the hydraulic plate channel itself), but very often ZF plungers have a problem with the destruction of the outer coating, you can see in the photo below.


Hole reaming, installation of repair plungers and repeated vacuum testing

The solution to the problem with the E-Shift valve is to install a repair valve. Maktrans uses repair plungers and reamers of their own production for repairs and sells them, using the links below you can see the assortment of valves for ZF 6HP.


Oversized valve E Shift (Oversized Position Valve) ZF 6HP19 6HP21 6HP26 6HP28 6HP32 6HP34


Reaming the hole to the size of the repair valve using a suitable reamer


Washing the plate, inserting the repair valve and test. Good result



Repair is completed. The valve body is assembled, accumulators are being changing along the way, new solenoids are being installed and valve body can be installed in the car. Also, mechatronics repair is always accompanied by a torque converter repair, we also repair them, you can read about it here:

  •     Torque converter repair ZF 6HP26 ZF 6HP28 (260mm / 1 friction disk)

If you repair the box yourself - do not forget that after installing the mechatronics, it is MANDATORY to fill in NEW oil and install a new filter:

  •     Transmission oil FOSSER ATF 6-Speed ​​ZF 5HP / 6HP 1l
  •     Filters for ZF 6HP

ZF 6HP was installed on such cars:

 BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, X3, X5, Z4 Roadster/Coupe
 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
 Audi A4, A6, A8, Allroad, Q7, S4/RS4
 Jaguar S type, XJ series
 Volkswagen Phaeton
 Ford Falcon
 Land Rover LR2, LRX, Range Rover
 Lincoln Navigator

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