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Valve Body Repair TF70SC

Valve Body Repair TF70SC
Valve Body Repair TF70SC
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TF-70SC AT valve body plate repair

TF-70SC -the six-speed automatic transmission was developed by Aisin Watner for the Peugeot-Citroen for front-wheel drive petrol vehicles with an engine capacity of up to 2 liters. Presently the TF-70SC AT is installed on the following models of cars: Peugeot 308, 3008, RCZ, 508, 5008, 408; Citroen C5, DS4, DS5; Fiat 500..

Description of the problem.
- gearshift with slip
- gear shift with impact


During the operation of the automatic transmission, the valve body plate and the plungers are worn out. It can be seen by  the wear out of oil pressure control valves’ and the loss of the plungers teflon coating. Similarly, the surface of the plunger can have scuffings and scratches from metal fragments which are in the automatic transmission oil. As a result, the oil pressure in the automatic transmission drops, which leads to the symptoms described above.

Defects of the valve body plate reduce the pressure due to depressurization of the system. To detect the wearout, a device that creates a reduced pressure, which is supplied into the verified valve body section is used.

If the checked area (channel + plunger) corresponds to the operating characteristics- the reduced pressure is maintained, if there are workout signs - tightness of the system is disturbed and the pressure increase takes place due to bleeding through the workout section. The inspection of the valve body plate is also carried out. Workouts are distinguished as darkened or shiny areas.


The specialists of the Maktrans company developed a repair technology, which consists in the manufacture of the channel bushing and the replacement of the plunger in order to restore the valve body.

The bushing is made of high-quality aluminum and, after installation into the worn channel, returns the previous tightness of the valve body. The parameters of the restored valve body correspond to the operating values of the new TF-70SC valve body, at a significantly lower cost. 


TCC lock-up control valve replacement

Accumulator bushing replacement


- Delayed engagement and thump when shifting to Drive

- Tough Neutral

- Floating rpm on the 4 th, 5 th and 6 th gears

- TCC codes

Citroen C5, DS4,

       Peugeot 308, 3008, 508, 5008, RCZ,

       Volvo S70, XC70

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