Transfer case splined part repair A6LF1-3 A6MF1 A6GF1 Volvo Hyundai Mazda

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Fretting corrosion occurs in situations where there is repeated slight relative motion and high contact pressure between two surfaces. This can happen, for example, when two surfaces are tightly joined or in rolling contact with each other. The combination of wear and corrosion results in fretting corrosion.

The repeated motion and pressure cause microscopic wear particles to be generated at the interface between the two surfaces. These wear particles can accelerate corrosion by providing sites for the initiation and propagation of corrosion reactions. Corrosive substances, such as moisture or contaminants, can penetrate the contact area and react with the metal surfaces, leading to localized corrosion.

Fretting corrosion is particularly problematic in applications where the interfaces are subjected to vibration or oscillation, which further accelerates the wear and corrosion processes. Over time, fretting corrosion can cause material loss, surface damage, and ultimately, failure of the components.

To prevent or minimize fretting corrosion, various measures can be taken. These include modifying the design to reduce contact pressure or motion, applying protective coatings or lubricants, using corrosion-resistant materials, and implementing proper maintenance and inspection procedures.

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Questions - Answers (2)
flandre transmission

bonjour j ai besoin d une Restauration de la pièce cannelée de la boîte de transfert A6LF1 hyundai est ce que je dois payer avant et vous envoyer la pièces si oui pouvez vous me donner l adresse de livraison cordialement


Hello, just send part to us

When repair done, we will send PayPal invoice to you

Please note! If your country is not included in European Union Customs Union - you need declare parcel cost as 19 EUR and indicate that you (sender) pays for customs clearance.

Our details for sending automatic transmission parts for repair (if you are company):


If you are private person choose the adress bellow:


Important: please added to parcel paper with your phone number, e-mail and address.


Hello, do you repair only Hyndai Kia Transfer cases? I have here 2 Volvo Transfer Cases, who Need a Spline restoration, you Can Fix it? Best Regards Alexander


Hello, we repair Volvo transfer cases.