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CVT pulleys grinding Jatco Toyota Honda (JF010E JF011E JF015E JF016E K110-series K310-series)

CVT pulleys grinding Jatco Toyota Honda (JF010E JF011E JF015E JF016E K110-series K310-series)
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Устройство вариатора

In this article we will talk about the restoration of the working surfaces (grinding) of the variator pulleys, but first we will tell you a little about what it is, a variator, and how it differs from the classic hydromechanical transmission. The main structural element of the variator is a V-belt transmission, it consists of 2 pulleys with dynamically variable the diameter of the cones and the belt that runs along them.

The animation shows the process of changing the gear ratio; any modern variator works according to this principle with minor design differences - for example, some manufacturers (Audi and Subaru) use not a pushing belt, but a pulling chain, but the principle of operation itself remains unchanged.

During the operation of the transmission, the surface of the pulleys is damaged, this can happen for many reasons: dirty oil starts to work as an abrasive material, start without heating (variators do not like starting off to a cold one, because cold oil does not perform its functions and the belt can slip, slip, unnecessarily high load (transporting a trailer or towing another car), breaking the belt. The problem is that new pulleys are not sold as spare parts, the manufacturer only offers the box assembly. We offer the option of restoring the pulleys, which consists in grinding the working surface on a high-precision circular grinding machine with CNC.


The photo below shows typical damage to the pulley, scratches on the surface and chips on the edge.


We use such a cylindrical grinding CNC


Installing  pulley


Grinding. First, we make 2-3 passes and remove 0.01 mm each, then final grinding - 0.002 mm per pass.


Pulley grinding video



We get the following result

Let's take a closer look, the surface is perfect, the edge is now chip-free.


This technology of CVT pulleys restaration has already been tested in operation on many cars and has shown its reliability.

Our requisites for sending parts for repair:

  • New Mail - Kiev, branch number 46
  • Recipient: Dmitry Rabizo; Tel. +38 050 5272236



Any questions? Repair department will advise on any technical issue:

Repair department Kyiv Railway highway 4

  • +38 050 5272236 
  • +38 096 8330485 
  • +38 063 1156120
  • Dmytro

Repair Department Kiev - 21B Stepan Bandera Avenue

+38 096 8965155

+38 066 2105567

+38 099 0415901

Repair department Lviv

  • +38 050 2628449 
  • +38 067 4692328
  • Dmytro


Repair department Odessa

  • +38 098 1103761 
  • +38 050 2628449
  • +38 067 4692328


Repair department Kharkiv

  • +38 096 8122122
  • +38 093 1410041


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