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RE4R01A - automatic transmission produced by Nissan. It has 4 gears, designed for rear-wheel drive cars and is an improved version of the other two 4R01 transmissions. Production started in 1988 and lasted until 2004. This box was used in many popular Nissan models including Pathfinder, 240SX, 300ZX, Frontier, and Xterra. Was also used in the Mazda MPV, 929 and RX-7. This box has a great chance sooner or later to get to the service station, so here are a few issues which are of concern.

Problem: the transmission slips when switching from the first to the second gear

Solution: There may be several reasons for this problem: 1) Make sure that the transmission fluid level is sufficient, also check whether the type of liquid used is suitable. 2) Double check the throttle position sensor settings. Refer to the user manual for the correct settings. 3) Pass the line pressure with a pressure gauge. If the pressure is low, check the pressure regulator assembly and make sure that the valve is servicable and the spring is not broken. 4) Check the hydroaccumulator. Make sure that the piston is not cracked, the spring is in order and the rings are in place.

Problem: Transmission fluid is spilled out of the box

Solution: First check the fluid level. Excess fluid can cause its release. Make sure the transmission does not overheat. Ideally, the transmission should not be heated above 94 degrees Celsius. The liquid expands with heating. Over time, it will expand to a critical volume and begin to be ejected through the dipstick tube or breather vent.

Problem: Transmission does not shift between some gears

Solution: This transmission contains several different solenoids which are used for the movement of the valves of the valve body. Essentially, these solenoids are just electromagnets with plunger and return spring. Inside the solenoid there is a coil, which when voltage is applied to it creates a magnetic field and moves the plunger. The failure of this coil is not uncommon. The solenoid can be easily checked with an ohmmeter and quickly replaced.

If you regularly experience such problems, it is better to replace the RE4R01A transmission with its modified version, which will not cause problems and will serve longer.

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