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6T30 AT clutch drum repair

The wear of the clutch drum is due to the slippage of the waved spring over the teeth of the outer ring at the time the gear is engaged. There are problems with 3, 5 and reverse gears. Over time, deeper deformations are formed at the slip sites, which leads to an indistinct switching on, and further to a loss of 3, 5 and reverse gear.

When the waved spring of the drum slips, a shaving is formed, which is carried by oil through all the nodes of the mechanical part of the valve body. From increasing loads and overheating, the ring of a waved spring can burst, which can lead to even more damage.

The destruction of the drum and waved spring lead to an increase of the gaps of the entire transmission pack, the outrun of individual elements of the pack, which causes sun gear damage .

Further operation is accompanied by a perceptible vibration of the mechanical part, which can lead to complete destruction of the drum crowns and its complete replacement .

To solve the problem, the specialists of the company Maktrans use a repair kit consisting of a pressure and waved plates. A waved plate is put on the outside of the drum in accordance with the assembly order for the smooth gearshift. Further, a pressure plate is put on and covers the destroyed portions of the teeth, eliminating the defect of the drum. After that the drum is assembled completely and installed in the automatic transmission.

Thus, the repair kit functionally does not differ from the work of the original waved spring, but it allows to strengthen the destroyed parts of the drum to the state of the new one. The clearness of the gear shift returns after the rapair and the vibration goes away. Using a repair kit prolongs the life of the drum and allows you to save money on replacing it.

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