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U340E and U341E automatic transmissions are the transmissions that were installed on Toyota Avensis (Toyota Avensis) cars and later Toyota Yaris (Toyota Yaris), Toyota Corolla (Toyota Corolla). The service life of this gearbox is about 150,000 - 200,000 km. The main and weighty problem is the crack in the front planetary . Because of it, there is an instant jamming of two planetaries, which leads to the replacement of both the front and rear planetaries, in the worst case it is necessary to replace the entire planetary mechanism.

Shavings that circulate through the lubrication system, are destroying the rear cover and the drum Direct (Direct) / Reverse (Reverse). Rear cover is regenerated in the lathe, by making a steel bed of Teflon ring . If the rear cover of the automatic transmission cannot be repaired, it is replaced by a new one. Drum, Direct / Reverse is replace with a new or used one, but without the grooves from the Teflon rings. Also because of the metal shavings you need to replace the oil filter and transmission oil of automatic transmission. In some cases, repairs will need a set of steel and friction plates, as well as gasket set. After the repair U340E / U341E gearboxes experience a problem of slipping from third to fourth gear very often. There are two reasons for this. First, it is a jamming of the pressure solenoid, and as a consequence a shortage of pressure at high revs. Secondly, it is the backlash of the piston of the Overdrive Brake (Overdrive) fourth gear. To solve the problem, you need to eliminate unnecessary backlashes inside the drum.

Price list of spare parts for U340E / U341E  repair looks as follows:


Part name Quantity Price
Planetary gear set 1 $140
Gasket kit 1 $83
Friction plate kit 1 $65
Piston kit 1 $110
Pressure solenoid 1 $136
Oil filter  1 $8
Drum Direct (in some cases) 1 $ 89
Repair cover repair (in some cases) 1 $50
Repair of the torque converter 1 $45 - 80
Transmission oil 8 $96
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